Gillyweed EP


“Gillyweed” is a non-dance electronic music EP made up of melodies, sounds, and ambient music. It is born out of the improvisational audio program “Microphone Experiments” by 3ASiC. This music sound like naturally flowing out of his producing equipment. In this EP, he recorded the physical vibration in real space, and reconstructed these sounds with digital signal processing, trying to embody human feelings mechanically. This is 3ASiC’s first attempt to make his voice an important element, to provide crescendo emotions.

The name of the EP, Gillyweed, is a kind of magical herb from the Mediterranean area, which allows people to have gills, so they can stay longer underwater. When people are surrounded by liquid, isolated from most of the noises, details turn fuzzy and slow. Just as the feelings of this music bring to people, creating a dissociation and isolation from the real world.

“I’ve once asked about a question: ‘Which element in a song (melodies, rhythms, tones, etc.) is the best representation of yourself?’ My answer surprised that one: The melody. This answer might not meet most listeners’ expectations, because usually, I’m in the face of a ‘Bass Music producer’. But to me, melodies are the best representation of me.” —- 3ASiC

Composed by 3ASiC

Produced by 3ASiC

Mixed by 3ASiC

Digital Mastered by 3ASiC

Vinyl Mastered by 沈立嘉 Lijia Shen

Executive Producer – baoyuqiqi

Cover & Vinyl Designed by MP