EP, S!lk, 2019

This EP was created during the transition between his two life stages. Instinctively decomplicating dance music, performing the “unpleasant” experiment on some sounds, and recreating the sound fragments left on OP-1 during the journey. From the chilly and historical city Utrecht in western Europe, all the way to the humid and warm new-generation technology city Shenzhen in China, various ideas and motivations have been recorded.

Feel the bass punches from “TEST RENDER”; “3TRX” originated from an improvisation of the idea “the biggest subtraction on the materials”; “DH” is experimenting the unpleasantity in sound design; The shape depicted by the bamboo flute in “CACHE OF WIND” is not specific, but it can bring you to a certain musical mood, while “ANOTHER” is a deformation of Halftime music.

“Direct”, “undecorated”, and “simple” are the main keywords of this EP. Compared to other carefully arranged works, he likes the emotional expressions in these songs that seems immature, because there are some fierce, rough, authentic things that he feels very precious.

Composed by 3ASiC

Produced by 3ASiC

Mixed by 3ASiC

Mastered by 3ASiC

Cover by jiing7

Executive Producer – baoyuqiqi