3ASiC’s journey in the world of electronic music is marked by a fusion of diverse influences and a relentless pursuit of innovative sound. Educated in recording arts and sound design in China and the Netherlands, his academic background has been a cornerstone in shaping his distinctive musical identity.

A pivotal figure in the Chinese underground music scene, 3ASiC’s artistic expression transcends traditional boundaries, blending bass, grime, experimental, and techno elements. This eclectic mix not only defines his unique sound but also reflects his commitment to exploring new auditory landscapes.

His studio work speaks volumes of his talent and vision. Recent singles and a treasure trove of unreleased tracks reveal his forward-thinking approach and dedication to crafting a sound that’s uniquely his. A highlight in his career includes his collaboration with Chinese rapper Jony J, producing a sensational hit that garnered around 100 million streams, illustrating his impact on the music scene.

3ASiC’s collaborations extend beyond genres and borders, working with artists like A-duo, Nick Hook, C-Low, and Izumi Kobayashi. These partnerships have enriched his musical repertoire, showcasing his versatility and ability to connect with artists from diverse backgrounds.

Acknowledged by international platforms such as BOILER ROOM, Red Light Radio, Bass City, and respected by artists like Noisia and Ivy Lab, 3ASiC’s work is a testament to his prowess as a producer and artist. His transition from a significant period in Shenzhen to a nomadic lifestyle has not diminished his creative output; instead, it has broadened his horizons, enabling him to inspire and engage with a global audience.