3ASiC is a Nanjing-born and Shenzhen-based electronic musician, who finished recording arts and sound design degrees in China and the Netherlands. In addition, he is a geek who started coding in primary school. These backgrounds have made him extraordinarily obsessed and sophisticated with Sound and Technology. Both his genre and ways of making music are uncommon. Recently he loves physically blowing people’s speakers with intangible extreme sounds.

3ASiC 是来自南京、现居深圳的电子音乐人,在中国和荷兰先后攻读了录音艺术和声音设计专业,他同时还是一位从小学就开始写代码的技术宅。这样的背景让他始终对「声音」和「技术」有着超出常人的痴迷与掌握。他的音乐风格和创作手法都不循常规,最近热衷于用无形的极端音色对听众的音箱进行现实世界里的物理打击。