A Duo – 天生傲鼓


阿朵 Aduo【天生傲鼓】HD 高清官方完整版 MV

3ASiC, as a producer, and Aduo, a popular guest contestant of “On the Waves”, a non-material cultural heritage inheritor of Miao drum, and a singer, collaborate on the heavy single “天生傲鼓”. The single merges Miao drum with electronic music and uses avant-garde sound design to dialogue with traditional musical instrument sounds.

The MV invited Chihiko Tsujimoto, a choreographer of the Tokyo Olympics, to adapt the Miao drum dance with the DNA of intangible heritage into a modern art of infinite drum dance, combining installation art and electronic music, creating new vitality in the traditional Miao drum dance and martial drum creation.

A Duo’s Performance on TV Show: